8 Tips to Staying Sober Sober Living and Addiction Recovery

Planning your response to these questions can help you along your recovery journey. For close friends or relatives, you can explain that substance misuse became a problem and you wanted a solution. Remind yourself that when intense feelings arise while you’re hungry — impatience, anger, and frustration — they usually disappear once you’ve eaten. Carry some healthy snacks with you so you can always take care of yourself. Sticking to a structured schedule promises a bit more control over the day’s events and reduces the chances of engaging in activities that may result in a relapse. Notably, relapse, which is part of recovery, does not begin when an individual consumes the drug, but rather long before.

Is sobriety a lifelong commitment?

Sobriety is a lifelong commitment that requires continuous change. Some of these changes may be more difficult than others, such as letting go of friendships or relationships. The challenges of staying clean from drugs and alcohol can become overwhelming.

Instead, recognize that there might be some issues, and address them before they pop up unexpectedly. The holidays are not a time to hold on to resentment. Don’t allow someone you dislike or have a hard time seeing get in your head. Holding onto grudges can hold us back from making true progress and enjoying what’s supposed to be a time of love and selfless giving.

Take time for yourself

If that is a problem for you, make an effort to reach out and connect with new people who are also committed to a healthy and sober lifestyle. Deciding to become sober is only one step towards sobriety; staying sober is where the work lies. Even though relapses are a part of recovery, numerous tips can help you maintain sobriety. The common misconception is that treating addiction is a one-size-fits-all program.

tips to stay sober

The family menu is a constant carb-load, and traveling puts a strain on your wallet. Packed airports, tight schedules, liquid lunch for Aunt Sally. Everyone is running on empty, and the annual fight is just waiting to happen. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has addiction and mental health facilities in 8 States throughout the United States. When you have Substance Use Disorder, your body seeks to prevent death and injury by changing to a state opposite that of the drug’s effect. Exercise helps with stress reduction, endorphin release, and help you maintain a healthy body type and image.


They shouldn’t become a crutch, but they will always be thankful you turned to them instead of to your addiction. You ever try to cut something https://ecosoberhouse.com/ out of your diet you ingest every day? Suffice to say, it’s difficult, but it can be an excellent way to help you stay sober.

  • Getting sober may have been difficult, but staying sober can be just as much of a challenge.
  • If they do, we can refuse to take that behavior personally.
  • Make a plan for what to do if you must leave your family behind to keep your sobriety.
  • There are a lot of festivities that don’t require food and drink.
  • For myself, I normally had beer or wine with dinner over the last four years or so.
  • Every day that you can mark off your calendar as another sober success day is worth celebrating.

It never occurred to me that I didn’t have to drink. I thought everyone drank, and my job was to find a way to manage it more effectively. Thinking about the old days and all the good times you had with your drug of choice is just a few steps away from making some regrettable decisions. Get rid of anything in your environment tips to stay sober that might trick you into relapsing or influence you in any bad way. Delete phone numbers, get rid of photos, and even find a new place to live, if you have to. What will you do when you’re at a party or at your relative’s house and suddenly have the urge to drink? You may need to leave entirely, which is easier at a party.

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